Supervised Master Students:

Adrian Leva. Reactive Controller Synthesis for Mobile Robotics. TU Kaiserslautern. 2016. PDF
Kaushik Mallik. Maximally Permissive Hierarchical Control of Decentralized Discrete Event Systems using Deterministic Context Free Specification Languages. TU Berlin. 2015.
Hendrik Himstedt. Controller Synthesis for Deterministic Context Free ω-Language Specifications. TU Berlin. 2014.
Basel Sheik Khalil. Prototype Development of a Smart Packstation System. TU Berlin. 2013.
Xiaoying Bai. Translation of the construction of approximately similar or bisimilar symbolic models into the framework of behavioural systems theory. TU Berlin. 2013.
Stefan Jacobi. Controller Synthesis for Discrete Event Systems in the Setting of a Regular Plant and a Deterministic Context-Free Specification in Libfaudes. TU Berlin. 2013. PDF
Kai Biebrach. Mehrgrößenregelung eines hydrodynamischen Prüffeldes. TU Berlin. 2011.

Supervised Bachelor Students:

Kyle Hsu. DAAD-RISE intern from University of Toronto, Canada, Summer 2017